I have devoted a great deal of my time to growing my school's robotics club. The club was founded in the fall of 2018 by 2 of my friends and I, and has grown significantly over the past two years both in numbers and experience. In 2019 we debuted as two teams in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) national robotics competition and made it all the way to State Championship. Beyond our competitions, Chatfield Robotics provides a supportive and inclusive community built on exploring robotics technology.

My Role(s)

Titles: Co-founder, President, Captain, Lead Programmer


  • Named 1 of 3 Dean's List Finalists in Colorado for demonstrated leadership and dedication

  • Raised $7000 in funding through applying to grants and contacting companies for sponsorship

  • Represented Jefferson County School District at the annual Colorado School Board Conference and accepted the Student Achievement Award on behalf of the district.

  • Enlisted support of a professional engineer and world champion mentoring team

  • Implemented a computer vision program for 2019-2020 game


  • Leading meetings

  • Coordinating design, purchasing, and construction

  • Coordinating competitions, outreach, fundraising, recruitment, scheduling, and mentorship

  • Leading programming team from education to software design

The Club

First Year Accomplishments 2018-2019

  • Founded the Club

  • Grew from 3 to 30 members

  • Raised $1200 through fundraising

  • Educated Club members in programming and the engineering design process

  • Created an Automatic Fish Feeder for the Chatfield Aquaponics Club

Second Year Accomplishments 2019-2020

  • Raised $9000 through fundraising, grants, and sponsorship

  • Built 2 FTC Competition Robots

  • Awards During FTC Qualifiers

    • Inspire Award

    • Winning Alliance x3

    • Connect Award

  • Both 15 person teams qualified for State Championship Competition

  • 1 team on the FTC Colorado State Championship Winning Alliance

Engineering Notebook

Take a look inside one of our team's Engineering Notebooks. This was used to document the team's progress throughout the year and won numerous awards for its content

Gearheads Engineering Notebook