3d Printing for Good

Mask Expanders for Covid 19

Over the past year, I have found an amazing opportunity to use my love for technology to help my community. Using my 3D Printer, I have been creating mask expander bands (ear savers) to distribute to frontline workers and healthcare professionals. I have been coordinating with Make4Covid and numerous eagle scout projects to distribute these bands across my area. So far, I have spent over 170 hours 3D Printing over 800 bands for those in need. Learn more with the video below!

Prosthetic Hands

I have also partnered with an amazing organization called eNable to print, assemble, and ship prosthetic hands to those who need them. To begin this process, I had to complete a test print and showcase it for approval. Since receiving my certification, I have assembled, 3D Printed, and delivered a prosthetic limb to a boy my age in Texas.